Monday, February 15, 2010

I did it again!

Man, I am amazing!

Well, sort of.
I had a little help this time.

I finished my hat

Thats the side.
These pictures aren't that good so bear with me ( I hope I used the correct bear. I guess it could be b-a-r-e but that just sounds nekked you know?)
This is the front

This is me in the hat

I'm really liking these pictures
Maybe I'll myspace them :)
Please ignore the very sexy shower in the background.
Focus on the hat people. FOCUS!

Anyway, I got some help with this because even though I already had a baisc idea of how I wanted this hat
I found THIS VIDEO that basically took exactly what I wanted and told me which stitch to use and such. LOVE IT!

But, when I was doing the brim, it didnt come out right. So I slept on it and in the morning I figured it out.
I love that I can do that.
I feel like my brain works without me when I'm asleep'
I'd give you guys the pattern, but I dont really remember

BUT I am doing one in purple for my aunt, (Well, really two. One for me one for her) and I will definitely write the pattern for the brim for you  ^_^  (cuz you are AWESOME!)

Anyway, yeah thats it for now. Ran completely out of yarn so I'm screwed for a while. (Lame!)