Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My List of Things I Want To Create! (Part 2)

Hello again!
Welcome to the continuation of...
My List of Things I Want To Create!
So were was I?
Oh, yes!
I remember now!
I was telling you how jealous I am over Owlishly's work and how I want to make some similar creations using the animals I showcased yesterday.

Well, Owlishly is a very talented crocheter. And she has created the CUTEST children in costumes.
Granted, she does sell the patterns at her etsy shop, but I of course, do not have the means of buying them, so I am forced to come up with creations of my own.

Then, I happened to stumble upon the most amazing creation by Butterfly2405

Hello Kitty in a panda suit!
I LOVE pandas and penguins and I just fell in love with this.
So I looked around online and guess what I found?
Little key caps with Hello Kitty in animal suits! 

There's a monkey,

 A bunny,

 A frog, 

Then there are the plushies,

A sheep,

 A cow,


And, a keychain

 An elephant.

I'm sure theres more, but I am lazy and do not wish to continue looking.

But anyways, I am going to figure out how to make them on my own.
That way, if I decide to sell them, I wont feel bad
Then I was looking some more and found another one of my favorite things. Skelanimals!
I know! Exciting right?
So, I picked my favorite ones,

Chungkee the panda

Diego the bat

Foxy the fox

Jakk the rabbit

Kit the cat

Marcy the monkey

and last but totally not least, 
Pen the penguin

I just love, love, love them!
I have no clue how I will create them, but I shall try my best.
Hopefully you will hear more about them in the near future, along with the rest of the creations floating around in my little brain.
YAY!!! Anywho...that was the conclusion to 
My List of Things I Want to Create!
I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Crocheting!