Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Sorry!

I've been kind of slacking in the Blogging / Crochet department. I'm not sure why, just haven't been up to it lately. I've just been creating graphs for future tapestry projects and slowly working my way through two tapestry projects. Obviously, I still have a ways to go with my "Home is Where the Controller is" project. I'm almost finished with the controller, then I have to do the words. If you don't remember what it looks like...

There it is. Granted my project has a PS3 controller rather than an x-box controller but yeah lol.
So far its a pretty decent size, which is cool.

My other project is...

Oh man, that is tiny...oh well, you can still see what it is. A teapot! It's cute. I'm making it purple with a white background.
Tapestry crochet is very intresting to me. I actually like it a lot, I just wish it would go faster. But I suppose that all has to do with me and how often and for how long I do it. I have already finished one small tapestry that I like very much.

Isn't it cute?
I'm really like silhouettes and stuff for my crochet. Two colors is nice. I've seen a lot of really intricate graphs for cross stitching and such and I would like to do something similar, but I am just not that skilled lol

So thats a little update into my crocheting yeah : )