Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New item!

It always seems like I just keep creating new and wonderful things. my mind is growing and expanding and it is wonderful. I learned how to make roses. I really wanted lilies but I couldn't find any patterns for it so I figured I'd have so sell roses. I'm making my first dozen for my Panda. I hope she'll like them. She tells me that I'm the only person to ever give her roses so I want to be the first to give her roses that will never fade, wilt, or die. I think that is the saddest thing about roses, that they die. Its terrible. Anyway, before I depress myself with thoughts of dying flowers, here are a few pictures of my roses.

I am planning on selling these im my shop that I hope to have open very soon. I just have to figure a couple things out first so I dont go into debt or anything.

Anyway, this is how my prising is hoping to go:

one flower = $ 10.
six flowers = $ 25.
one dozen flowers = $50
and two dozen = $100

If anyone would like to purchase these or if you have any suggestions or concerns, please feel free to drop me a comment or an e-mail.