Thursday, May 27, 2010

Warning: This blog may contain mass amounts of gushing, squealing, ranting, pictures and videos. Please enjoy!

ZOMG!!!! I got to go see Evelyn Evelyn, and Amanda Palmer live at the Largo at the Coronet. She was FANTASTIC! That was my first real show and I was at the edge of my seat the entire time! You are probably soooo confused. Allow me to explain.

Amanda Palmer, also known as Amanda Fucking Palmer (born Amanda MacKinnon Palmer April 30, 1976) is a performer who first rose to prominence as the lead singer, pianist, and lyricist/composer of the "Brechtian punk cabaret" duo The Dresden Dolls.[1] She has since started a successful solo career, and is also one half of the Evelyn Evelyn duo. (Thank you Wikipedia)

Anyway, so Panda and I are huge fans. (Panda's a much greater fan but I still adore her) And when we found out that she was going to be playing in Hollywood, we had to go. The tickets were $30 a pop (If I had written this yesterday I'd give you a website to go to to buy tickets. Ah hell I'll do it anyway. Go here if you want tickets to see them tonight!) And we invited our friend Polar Bear to join us. (If your wondering if I am using strange aliases, I'm not, that's actually what we call each other, I am Penguin ^_^) So we get the tickets, woke up yesterday, picked up Polar Bear, and we were off. We left WAY early just to make sure we got there and parked without issue. We drove up through the back ally behind the coronet and guess what we saw... Ok, you cant guess it so I'll show you.

Yeah, Evelyn Evelyn's trailer! I was squealing like a crazed fan girl (which isn't too far from the truth) I was so excited. So we all realized we were hungry and decided to drive to the Taco Bell down the street. We all ate our fill and then we were off again. Then something sucky happened.

So we were sitting at a stop sign waiting for the god-awful L.A. traffic to clear up so we could cross the street when out of nowhere we fell the car jerk. I turn around and see another car backing up into a spot on the sidewalk. We had been hit! We turn right and park and I run out to catch the guy before he takes off. So I run up to him and I tell him he hit our car. He opens his mouth and in this ugly foreign accent, denies it! I have a not-so-good temper, denying things that I know are true make me angry. So I repeatedly tell him, yes you hit our car. Then he starts saying I imagined it. That was making me really angry. How could three different people all imagine the same thing. So before I started slamming the guys head into the steering wheel, I called over Panda to confirm my story. Thankfully, he only left mere scratches on our car. We showed him the matching scratches on both of our cars and he still denied it. He repeatedly told us that all he was doing was backing up to turn around. Finally I yelled at him "you hit our car while backing up to turn around" THEN the dumb-a$$ tries to say he wasn't turning around. I had to actually demonstrate how the accident happened before he got the picture. I have personal issues with foreign men in Hollywood, so he was just making my blood boil. Finally, he apologizes and we argue whether or not it was worth calling the cops over. Panda wanted to get some money outta him then put the spotlight on me. I'm good at getting money outta people but I don't do so well when I'm put on the spot. So we let the jack-hole go without so much as knowing his name. GRR!

We get back to the parking building, park our car for the final time, pay the valet and walk to the Macy's and Bloomingdale's (I think) shopping center that was on the corner down the street. We found an apple store and in it was a display for the ipad. Panda's birthday is coming up and grandma has been thinking about getting her one, but out in the Antelope Valley, were all super broke and no one has been able to dish out the $500 for one, therefore, we have not been able to play with one. It is the most amazing and awe-inspiring thing I have ever held in my own two hands.

And there is Panda and Polar Bear playing. ^_^ After that we looked around the three story mall with a five story parking garage. (Yeah I know) and everything in there was outrageously over priced. I went into one store and looked at the prices in the clearance rack. There was not a single thing that was priced under a hundred dollars and personally, I thought the clothes were super ugly. There was a Dolce & Gabanna store, Apple, Sony, an actual alcoholic bar called The Wave in the middle of this epic mall and everything. Not a sign of hot topic. I people watched and there were so many well dressed people there I felt like a hobo.

We left around six to wait in line to get out tickets and seating assignments at seven. Again, I felt completely out of my element. Everyone was either dressed in spiffy cabaret and vintage looking clothes, or they just looked amazing. I was a walking Walmart Advertisement (Which Hollywood clearly does not have) I am dressed in a $7 Wonder Woman Tee, Torn, grey jeans and $9 ballet flats. I felt way under dressed. Anyway, so I'm looking around and across the street from were we were standing is Zombie Tattoo & Peircing and A nude bar.

You cannot see it too well but yes, these are landmarks I am trying to point out here. To the right, which I do not have building photos of, is Trashy Lingerie So so cute. I tried to go in but you had to be a member and I so didn't want to do that. but I did take a picture of something pink and polka-dotty that caught my eye.

Tres, tres cute. Anyway, across from where we were in line was this electrical box type of thing that was silly with flyers and posters and such. And I thought these were cool.

The reason why I thought the elephant one was funny is, if you look up Evelyn, Evelyn they are conjoined twins that ride a conjoined elephant. I thought it was ironic. I felt like such a tourist with all my fancy photography.

So finally 7 rolls around and the guy at the gate give us our tickets and our stamp. Well actually, the stamp was our ticket and he just gave us which seats we were in. 

Polar bear, Panda, and I were in seats B10, B12, and B14. Yes I know, it looks strange but we were litterally, the third row back, right in the middle. I have to give you a blah example because I forgot to take a pic of the seating chart and I cant find a good one on the web.

That little black box was sort of where we were. It was so surreal. We were not allowed to have any electronic devices out during the show so here is where the linking and video-putting and colorful explaining will begin.

Ok, so the opening act is Sxip (like Skip) Shirey (shy-ree) who is this awesome dude that can make some serious tunes with just random things like bells, horns, whistles and such. He did this song about New York which was crazy to see live. I've seen a few of his acts on Youtube but believe me when I say that youtube does not do him justice at all.

Ok so the basic back beat was done prerecorded but all the high pitched sounding tunes was done by him. the "yeah", the harmonics, the vocals, all done by him and a few random instruments. I was in complete awe. I HEART SXIP SHIREY!!!!! He did a "love song" with just five little wind up music box things ducktaped together, he did a bell thing that hee needed a volunteer from the audience for, and I guess Amanda palmer and Neil Gaiman made him a new instrument constructed only of bicycle bells on a candlestick and he did a lovely song with only that and a marble in a bowl. (Don't ask me how, I just know it sounded phenomenal)

Then came the one and only Evelyn Evelyn. (Evelyn Evelyn are a musical duo formed by Amanda PalmerThe Dresden Dolls) and Jason Webley. According to the fictional back story described by Palmer and Webley, the duo consists of two conjoined twin sisters, ("Eva" and "Lyn" aka) Evelyn and Evelyn Neville,[1][2][3][4] who were discovered in 2007 by Palmer and Webley. The twins are actually portrayed by Palmer and Webley) Thank you again Wikipedia! (of

The crowd was very vocal and it was beautiful. they first played their song "Evelyn, Evelyn" which I cannot find a video They also played "Have You Seen My Sister, Evelyn?"

Funny thing is they wore that exact outfit last night. (Great story after this!!!)

Sxip then performed "The Tragic Events of September" through puppetry then they tried to play "Chicken Man" but one of the Evelyns freaked out (which was totally hilarious) she started crying and mourning over the deceased chicken man and started pounding on her little drum. A twix bar soon soothed her sorrowed mind.

They played "Elephant Elephant" and got the entire audience to participate in repeating the appropriate words. Then they parformed "You Only Want Me 'Cause You Want My Sister". They had a brief interlude between songs to answer questions from the Chalice of Knowledge. (Before the show, everyone got a chance to place a question into the "chalice") it was hilarious. You had to have been there. I'm not sure I can explain properly.

After that they sung "My Space", after they finished that, Sxip (who was announcing all of their songs) came out to say that that was the last song. The audience could tell that the Evelyn Sisters were tired of Sxip so they reached into their little purse, pulled out a tiny little cap gun and shot Sxip. Then they stood up from their piano, pulled out a ukulele and performed "Love Will Tear Us Apart" before parting from the stage.

It was wonderful. Again, these videos do not do the show any justice.
We took a short intermission and when we got back Jason Webley was introduce to the stage.
I'm not that into Jason so I cant really tell you what songs he sung (poo on me). All I know was that his first song is called "Dance While the Sky Comes Crashing Down"

He was cool. He did a couple more songs then introduced Amanda Palmer to the stage. When she sat at her piano, she poured her beer over her head and it got in her eye. They then played a duet called "Icarus" this video still doesnt do justice bt its the best one I could find.

Then, I don't really remember the order of the songs after that but she performed "Astronaut", "Oasis", she rapped to "F*** The Police" (By N.W.A.) which was hilarious but I guess it was inspiration for her song "Do You Swear To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Your Black Ass". She also did "Runs in the Family" and finally, Jason and Sxip came back out and they performed "Electric Blanket" and for the grand finally, they were joined by their, I believe, stage manager and the merchandise girl and they wanted to sing "the drinking song" but they didn't think we had enough drunken oomph. The Largo did not allow alcohol in the room so Amanda created an alternative. She had us all raise our right index fingers into the air, look up, and spin around in circles, then we wrapped our arms around each other and sang:

When the glass is full,
Drink up! Drink up!
This maybe the last time
We see this cup.
If God wanted us sober,
He'd knock the glass over,
So while it is full we drink up!

It was wonderful! We all went out into the little courtyard to get out stuff signed and it was a small little crowd huddled around the doorway of the dressing room. Jason came out first to sign things, then someone noticed Amanda trying to sneak past us from behind. 

I gave Amanda my handmade crocheted Amanda Palmer doll, and Panda, Polar Bear and I all got things signed. But we wanted pictures with Amanda so we thought we would try to wait until the crowd died down. But then she started talking to a small group of people then invited them into the dressing room for drinks. I figured, Ah, what the hay, not like we have anything better to do. 

Here is the AMAZING part!

The Stage Boy came out of the dressing room with a hoop skirt in his hand and began to ascend up the stairway. He turned around and kind of held the skirt in the air and asked "Does anyone know what this is?" instantly I answered "That's Evelyn's underskirt." and Panda said "hoop skirt thing" and he started to ask if anyone wanted it and the second I realized what he was about to ask (I never let him finish his sentence) I was on my way directly towards him. I am now in possession of the very first and original Evelyn Evelyn hoop skirt. Signed and wrote on by Evelyn, Jason AND Amanda! That's right bitches! We were stragglers and stayed behind and got the most amazing and awesome gift EVER!!!!!! 

This is all the stuff we got:

The great Amanda's John Hancock.

Sxip Shirey

Pins we bought

I tried having her sign my case but it didnt work out too much.

Sxip shirey!!!!!

 Sxip and Panda. I guess he grumbled when I asked them to step into the light. How lame!

And this, my friends is the one and only Amanda Palmer. She wasn't doing pictures so I got all ninja and took one anyway lol

And now, the piece de resistance: The ORIGINAL Evelyn Evelyn hoop skirt!!! Signed by Evelyn Amanda AND Jason

 Torn down both seams!!!!


Friday, May 21, 2010


I put the star scarf on pause simply because it was starting to get on my nerves. (I'm not a huge fan of knitting)

Then I found out that Tunisian crochet can be cross stitched over and also made to look like knitting (which I think is totally awesome because I can combine my two favorite things, crochet and cross stitch)

So, I whipped up this little thing

Isn't it precious? It's a sparrow! I love it so much!!!!!

I'm so freaking bored lately and I don't even want to do the things that make my heart happy. : ( I wonder if there is something wrong with me....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Star Scarf

So I was browsing through Ravelry when I stumbled upon this project and I thought to myself, gee, what a lovely scarf. Then I thought, hell, I kinda know how to knit. I can do that!

So I clicked the link. And nothing happened. Oh no! I thought! How on earth will I ever make this beautiful scarf?

Then I thought, 'Wait, I have jumped similar hurdles before. I'll figure it out on my own.'

So then I Googled tutorials on how to double knit and I came upon this post at crafster

Then I created this graph chart

and Tada! I was on my way.

And now, if you follow these directions, I am sure you could create your own Double Knit Star Scarf all on your own!!!!!!

^_^ HAPPY CREATING!!!!!! ^_^

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

I want to start this post off by wishing all the mothers out there a wonderful and happy mothers day.

Anyway, continuing from my post last night, here are the photos I promised

This is hat #1

Hat #2

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New projects

So, I know I haven't really been updating lately. Ive done a couple of hat projects using a couple of patterns I created that I can type up and post on here.

For now I am working on picking knitting back up.
I had a little bit of experience but I stopped for a while because all of the projects I wanted to do required circular needles and I never have any money so.... Yeah.

I am currently creating a double knit star scarf (shown above) that I found online but the person who created the pattern removed it so I'm going to attempt to write my own. I am planning on making two. One for me in black and purple and another one for my Panda in black and green. I will post up photos as soon as I finish.

Panda volunteered to buy me circular needles so that i can make myself this awesome cardigan that I found through Ravelry and I am very excited for it. Instead of making it striped I think I will just make a plain black one using Caron Simply Soft yarns. : )

Happy creating!!!