Saturday, May 8, 2010

New projects

So, I know I haven't really been updating lately. Ive done a couple of hat projects using a couple of patterns I created that I can type up and post on here.

For now I am working on picking knitting back up.
I had a little bit of experience but I stopped for a while because all of the projects I wanted to do required circular needles and I never have any money so.... Yeah.

I am currently creating a double knit star scarf (shown above) that I found online but the person who created the pattern removed it so I'm going to attempt to write my own. I am planning on making two. One for me in black and purple and another one for my Panda in black and green. I will post up photos as soon as I finish.

Panda volunteered to buy me circular needles so that i can make myself this awesome cardigan that I found through Ravelry and I am very excited for it. Instead of making it striped I think I will just make a plain black one using Caron Simply Soft yarns. : )

Happy creating!!!