Thursday, July 22, 2010

My 20th Birthday!!!!!!

I had a total ball yesterday! My panda and I woke up at like 8:00 AM (Which is VERY rare) and started our day. We hung out with out Gma before she left for court and she gave me:

This awesome card. It is sooo cute. Inside it was a $25 Walmart card. Go Walmart!


The most awesome camera EVER!!!!

"Panda" had already gotten me a present.
A panda from the build-a-bear store we have in our mall.
 We bought clothes that the human Panda would wear...
...except for the underwear. Panda wears boxerbriefs but no one could tell what sex my stuffed animal was supposed to be so I bought her Hello Kitty underwear because I LOVE Hello Kitty.
This is my fully dressed bear. We named her Alanna bear and she has a birth certificate and everything :)

We went to my aunt kims afterward and she got me:

A hula hoop that I didnt take a photo of (it's purple)

Nail polish set

 Cute frog statue (they're in love)

Purple water balloons

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!!!

Today is my 20th birthday and I am having a complete blast!
I have already received so many gifts and new things. I got a LOT of money And wonderful gifts from my friends! I will post pictures tomorrow!!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello friends!!!!

It is such a beautiful day in California! Oh, how I love the summer time! Anyway, I have a few updates. I finished this lovely purse a few days ago. I absolutely adore it. I started with just crocheting the pattern then I realized that it did need a lining so I unraveled it a little, sew on the lining and reconstructed it. Then I realized that the handle was stretching out so I undid the handle and reconstructed it so that I could weave some ribbon through so it will hold it's shape. I am not a big fan of purses but I absolutely love this one.

I am currently creating a knitted bag. I now remember why I stopped knitting. The damn thing takes forever. I'm not even half way done and I started days ago.

I will have photos up soon. As soon as I'm finished with these projects.

Let's see, what else. Oh yes! So I made a second purse like the one above for my cousin.I made it in this day-glow pink and with the leftover yarn I made a beanie with this cute little puffball on top and a long skinny scarf. As with almost all my projects, I ran out of yarn. I feel like I'm going to turn into one of those ladies that have all these W.I.P.'s just waiting to be finished. Sigh. I wish I was a millionaire.