Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello friends!!!!

It is such a beautiful day in California! Oh, how I love the summer time! Anyway, I have a few updates. I finished this lovely purse a few days ago. I absolutely adore it. I started with just crocheting the pattern then I realized that it did need a lining so I unraveled it a little, sew on the lining and reconstructed it. Then I realized that the handle was stretching out so I undid the handle and reconstructed it so that I could weave some ribbon through so it will hold it's shape. I am not a big fan of purses but I absolutely love this one.

I am currently creating a knitted bag. I now remember why I stopped knitting. The damn thing takes forever. I'm not even half way done and I started days ago.

I will have photos up soon. As soon as I'm finished with these projects.

Let's see, what else. Oh yes! So I made a second purse like the one above for my cousin.I made it in this day-glow pink and with the leftover yarn I made a beanie with this cute little puffball on top and a long skinny scarf. As with almost all my projects, I ran out of yarn. I feel like I'm going to turn into one of those ladies that have all these W.I.P.'s just waiting to be finished. Sigh. I wish I was a millionaire.